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‘Going Wild’ Project – Holy Trinity Primary School, Ramsgate

 We are astounded that Kent County Council can contemplate selling this piece of land which houses a wild life project.

We are also aware of the fact that this piece of land is adjacent to the old putting green and next to the Montefiore Avenue Tennis Courts which Thanet District Council wants to dispose of.

Is this a coincidence?

The HOOT campaign is supportive of the Going Wild Project and will defend the use of this piece of land adjacent to the Holy Trinity School, Ramsgate. This land has the extremely valuable purpose of making children, in particular, more familiar with the protection of the natural world.

It was rumoured that KCC were going to dispose of the nearby Warten Road Playing Field but we are very pleased to learn that KCC have now given the Hugin Vikings Football Club a 25 year lease.

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